Napa County CO2 Emissions - July 2008
Sonoma County Comparison - July 2008
Question and Answer
QUESTION: How and where can I reduce CO2 emissions?
ANSWER: Start at home! You may want to sink into the couch to hear this one:  the biggest CO2 producer in your life isn’t your car; it’s your digs. The building and powering of homes, offices and other buildings creates almost half (48%) of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. and globally.

Are you still sitting down? Your home and office building are not only leading contestants in the electricity pie-eating contest, they’re way ahead; three-quarters (76%) of all electrical energy produced in this country is gulped down by the operation of buildings. (Industry uses 23% and transportation only 1%.)

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*This only represents emissions from energy use (electricity & natural gas) and local transportation. This does not include air travel, transport of non-local food and goods, and emissions from agricultural operations, landfills and so on.