Napa Electricity Use - July 2008
Average Per Person Electricity Use for Major Cities - July 2008
Sonoma County Electricity Use Comparison - July 2008
Question and Answer

QUESTION: I'm considering installing solar panels at my home. Will I get paid for any "extra" energy my solar power system produces?


ANSWER: You could! If your new system makes more energy than you use, the "extra" flows back into the grid and mixes with the vast pool of energy there. Whether you get paid for your contribution depends.

After you've installed those solar panels and the kilowatts start cranking-voila!-you are the owner of a small "renewable generator." This makes you eligible for a variety of rebates, both state and federal. But if you take advantage of the rebates, you can't also sell your extra power.

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*PG&E aggregates meter data for residential and commercial customers in the 6-7 weeks following the end of each month. Therefore July 2008 represents the most up-to-date, comprehensive electricity use information currently available. August information will be available at the end of October.