With so many businesses now claiming to be “green” how can your company differentiate itself from all of the noise and show its true green colors?


Community Pulse offers a unique opportunity for any business, from the smallest mom & pop store to large Fortune 100 companies, to put their environmental indicators of energy, water, solid waste and CO2 emissions into a context that any consumer can understand. Community Pulse is a social marketing tool that can help you tell your story and increase your transparency.


This is important because in this emerging age of value-driven consumerism it’s no longer enough to post a Corporate Social Responsibility report – customers want to see the action. With blog sites distributing real time information and Web 2.0 changing the face and structure of the marketplace, your customers’ expectations are changing. They want to have a dialogue with you about how you’re doing, what you’re doing, and what plans you have for continuous environmental improvement.


Find out how Community Pulse can help you get this conversation started:


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Napa County Media Kit
Sonoma County Media Kit


Sonoma County Water Agency
sonoma_county_water.jpgSonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) has spent almost 60 years working to effectively manage water resources for the benefit of people and the environment.

SCWA manages and maintains a water transmission system that provides naturally filtered Russian River water to nine cities and special districts that in turn deliver drinking water to more than 600,000 residents in portions of Sonoma and Marin counties. The SCWA also provides additional services, including flood protection, distribution of recycled water, recreational opportunities and wastewater treatment.

One of SCWA’s priorities is water education. SCWA partners with local water suppliers to provide water conservation programs that help save water. SCWA has partnered with Community Pulse to increase awareness about water use and provide suggestions for using water more efficiently. Community Pulse helps SCWA tell the story of how water, energy and climate change are linked.
Sonoma County Waste Management Agency
sonoma_county_waste.jpgThe Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA) provides composting, household hazardous waste disposal, regional waste planning, and waste reduction education services to the County of Sonoma. The SCWMA produces Sonoma County's annual Recycling Guide, which is available in the AT&T Yellow Pages under "R" for Recycling and online at www.recyclenow.org, and responds to waste reduction and recycling questions on the "Eco Desk" at 707-565-DESK (3375).

The SCWMA contributes information to the Community Pulse's waste section and supports their efforts to empower residents and encourage resource-friendly actions.