Sonoma Waste Disposal - August 2008
Average Disposal Per Person for Major Cities - August 2008
Napa Average Waste Disposal Comparison - August 2008
Question and Answer

QUESTION: Are there any renewable energy projects in Sonoma County?


ANSWER: Absolutely – did you know we make energy from rotting garbage? There’s a renewable energy facility located off Meecham Road at the county dump; landfill gasses are captured from the small mountain of garbage and transformed into electricity.


From landfill gasses alone, this County-operated plant has generated 7.5 megawatts of electricity a day - enough to meet the power demands of 7,000 households. That could power the entire town of Windsor.

This renewable energy production method is called methane capture. It not only creates electricity but eliminates a dangerous greenhouse gas: methane, which is 21x more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2).

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*This represents waste collected by licensed haulers (namely North Bay Corporation) and self haul waste brought to Sonoma County transfer stations. Does not include self haul and debris containers taken to landfills outside of Sonoma County.